Susanna Moodie: Roughing it in the Bush

Second Story Press, 2016
Carol Shields and Patrick Crowe
Graphic Novel Adaptation by Willow Dawson
Illustrations by Selena Goulding
152 Pages, Ages 13-18

Introduction by Margaret Atwood.

Carol Shields was fascinated by the life and writing of Susanna Moodie. Moodie was a Romantic writer from a celebrated literary family whose life changed forever when she and her husband left England for the backwoods of Canada in 1832. The Moodies, utterly unprepared for pioneer life, soon found themselves starving in the hostile wilderness of Upper Canada. Susanna began publishing her writing to feed and clothe her growing family. The result was the novel Roughing It in the Bush—an aggravated and acerbic testament to pioneer life that was praised in England but turned Moodie into a controversial figure in Canada. Two centuries later, Moodie is honored as an early feminist and literary pioneer. Purchase here.

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