Little Sister Little Brother

By Willow Dawson
Letters by Jennifer Lum
An adaptation of tale #11 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

"THEY ESCAPED INTO THE WOOD FULL OF HUNGER AND THIRST …" A little sister and little brother run away from a witch but she soon catches up, turning herself into a small stream. The little sister hears the stream whispering that whoever drinks from it will be transformed into a doe but for the little brother, who is ever so thirsty, it is already too late.

In the first edition of the Grimm's Children's and Household Tales the little doe never speaks, in later editions they give him a voice which seems comical and at odds with a story about the loss of connection between two close siblings. In this adaptation I go back to the original, embedding the imagery with plant and animal symbolism that quietly supports the heavier themes of this beautiful / sad tale.

Little Sister, Little Brother is a ten page mini-comic which will be published in the RAID Two anthology, available November 1st.


RAID TWO features Gutter Girl by Mike Valiquette, Kalman Andrasofszky and Rachel Matile, Thug by Taran Chadha and Nimit Malavia, Little Sister Little Brother by Willow Dawson, Anchovie Akiyama by Irma Kniivila and Tri Vuong, Slice by Ramón Pérez, Missed Call by Kyle J Smith and Gabe Sapienza, and Ten Years behind by Tonci Zonjic. In this volume we also revisit worlds established in volume one, with all new stories of Aardehn: Rebirth by Eric Vedder and Sheldon Carter, Quid Pro Quo by Anthony Falcone and Gibson Quarter, Junior Citizens by Ian Herring and Dan MacIntyre, and the infamous Balto by Joe Vriens, and a special Niro short story by Cameron Stewart as he revisits an old character in a new way.

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