Objects Have Stories

3D Objects made by Illustrators.

November 28, 2014

MADE Design

867 Dundas St. West

Toronto, ON

Curated by Julia Breckenreid

Exhibiting artists: Christian Northeast, Anita Kunz, Joe Morse, Julia Breckenreid, Marco Cibola, Katy Dockrill, Tracy Walker, Steve Wilson, Jen Hsieh, Kyle Reed, Sandra Dionisi, Katie Carey, Willow Dawson, Ian Phillips, Sabrina Smelko, Rosena Fung, Greg Mably, Kathryn Adams, Fiona Smyth, Jay Dart

Persephone Myth Matryoshka Dolls

Acrylic, wood

When Hades steals the beautiful Persephone, her mother Demeter goes into mourning, casting winter upon the earth. While in the Underworld Persephone eats six pomegranate seeds and from that day forward, for six months each year, she must withdraw to reign with Hades over the souls of the dead. During this time the world grows cold, crops die and animals starve.

Large nesting doll
Goddess of the harvest, grain and fertility

Medium nesting doll
God of the Underworld

Small nesting doll
Queen of the Underworld.

Personification of vegetation and cause of the seasons.

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